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Text and Power

ממעמקים קראתיך

Prayer and Persecution

Siddur in Cyrillic Characters, 1986

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קומוניזם ולאומיות

Voice of the People

Al-Ittihad Newspaper, 1944

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גטו וילנה בערבות הנגב

The Vilna Ghetto in the Negev Sands

Abba Kovner, Givati Pamphlets, 1948

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מקלט רוחני בלב הגיהינום

The Lending Library of the Ghetto

The Vilna Ghetto Archive, 1941–1943

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שאמיל הלוחם הסוּפי

The Scholar-Warrior of Dagestan

The Imam Shamil Manuscript Collection, 19th century

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סודותיו של שלמה

Secrets of Solomon

Liber de Arte Memorativa, 1600

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שעשיתני אִשָה

A Premodern Feminist Blessing

Siddur According to the Italian Rite, Copied by Abraham Farissol, 1480

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הקוראן של פילגש הסולטאן

Asalbay’s Last Laugh

Mamluk Qur’an, 1508

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אהבה, איומים ופוליטיקה

Love and Politics in the Cairo Genizah

Letter from Jerusalem by the Head of the Karaite Community, 14th century

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The Talisman

Miniature Qur’an, 10th century

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מלכודת שדים

A Babylonian Demon Trap

Magic Bowls, 5th–8th centuries

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