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Marking Time and Space

יום אחרון לשלטון זרים

The Day the Newspapers Stood as One

“State Day” Newspaper, May 14, 1948

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שנה טובה מארץ ישראל

From Prophecy to Redemption

Zionist Rosh Hashana Cards, 1902–1960

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זַרעֵי מסורת חדשה

Seeds of a New Tradition

Seedling Bag for Tu B’Shvat, 1914

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מֶכָּה שבלב

Mecca of the Mind

Muhammad al-Jazuli, Signs of Benevolent Deeds, 17th–19th centuries

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הגאון מסרטט את פירוש המקרא

The Gaon of Vilna Dreams of the Holy Land

Map Prepared by Jacob Moses of Slonim, ca. 1802

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מדעים וחישובי קיצין

Computing the Sacred

The Isaac Newton Manuscript Collection, 17th–18th centuries 

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מדריך לעולי רגל לארץ הקודש

A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Holy Land

Proskynetarion, 1667

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טבור הארץ

Axis Mundi

Heinrich Bünting’s Clover Leaf Map, 1585

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נס המחזור האשכנזי

Mahzor of Generations

The Worms Mahzor, 1272–1280

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