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לדני וחבריו בנכר

Elegy for the Thirty-Five

Haim Gouri, “Here Lie Our Bodies,” 1948

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אין צורך במילים

Beyond Heroism

Hannah Szenes’s Last Note, 1944

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מחווה לחבר

Archiving a Friendship

The Walter Benjamin Collection, 20th century

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התכתבות חוצת גבולות

The Correspondence of a Cosmopolitan

The Stefan Zweig Collection, 1900–1942  

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רק המתים לא ימותו

The Last Poem

Rachel the Poet, “My Dead,” 1931

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בין המנהיג למשורר

Friendship over Politics

Letter from David Ben-Gurion to Uri Zvi Greenberg, 1927

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פרנץ, לפני קפקא

Franz Before Kafka

The Max Brod and  Franz Kafka Archive, 20th century

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לטייל עם מוצרט

On the Road with Mozart

Mozart’s Letter to His Wife, Constanze, 1790

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איך לנהל אימפריה

How to Run a Muslim Empire

Abu’l-Fazl ‘Allami, The Administration of Akbar, 18th century

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להציל את כתבי השיח׳

Fragments of our Shaikh

Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah, Three Epistles, 14th century

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